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Amanda April 28, 2014
Thank you for this video. I am so glad I found it. My daughter is from this orphanage and her gotcha day was in 9/2007 (just after the video was filmed, I think). Thank you again.
amy January 14, 2013
we greatly enjoyed your video. our daughter is from there as well. we were unable to visit there while in china, as our sweet little li lian was brought to guangzhou, just over one year ago. she recently turned 5. it was great to be albe to see where she was from through your video. thank you for keeping it availalble
Kris February 06, 2012
Was that a diorama of the Southwest I saw!!!
Richard Urban August 16, 2011
Ron, the website is being updated to a new format. If you come back later the video should be converted and viewable. If not, you can find it on YouTube. The Guest Book won't allow me to post the link for some reason, so email me and I'll share it with you.
Ron Darling August 03, 2011
We are waiting on TA for a 19 month old girl from Dongguan. This will be our second adoption from China. I heard about your DG video on the Yahoo DG group, but it I can't get it to play. I have no trouble with your Hawaii video. Is the video still available on your site? Thank you so much for posting the pictures and video. We have had trouble getting information on our child and some of the things that we read about DG are sacry.
Kate July 11, 2011
Amazing photos, as always! What a beautiful trip!
Aunt Kris and Nino March 02, 2011
We loved the pictures and the poolside view was pretty awesome.
Aunt Kris February 17, 2011
Yeah for Jonna!
Kate February 14, 2011
I was so hoping Jonna was getting a trip to Florida for her birthday....darn it! xoxo Happy Valentine's Day.
Aunt Kris and Nino August 31, 2010
Loved the pics. The beach looked awesome. Glad everyone had a good time.